Bone Growth Stimulators - CMF Bone Growth Stimulator’s state-of-the-art FDA approved Combined Magnetic Field (CMF) technology provides medical professionals with an effective tool for healing problem fractures and spinal procedures.  Outstanding results and excellent patient compliance are reasons why CMF is a leader in the industry. Data supporting a once daily 30 minute treatment with heal rates up to 89% and 49% increase in spinal fusion success.


Cymedica Orthopedics QB1 (Quadriceps Muscle Stimulator) – An innovative and clinically-proven device that offers NMES for quadriceps strengthening and improved knee stability. Clinical research has shown NMES technology to be an effective treatment for quadriceps atrophy which can be associated with various types of knee injuries and degenerative conditions.

Candidates for NMES – Disuse Atrophy of the VMO / Quadriceps Muscle:

  • Pre and Post Surgical – Total Knee Replacement
  • Sports Injuries – ACL, LCL, MCL, PCL, Meniscal Repair
  • Degenerative Conditions – Osteoarthritis
  • Knee Joint Condition – Patella Femoral Syndrome

NMES / TENS – DE Medical offers a variety of stimulators for various applications ranging from shoulder, cervical, and low back pain. 


Knee Braces & Supports

OA Knee Braces – Enhance quality of life and mobility for people living with osteoarthritis. 

ACL and PCL Braces  – Helping with prevention, protection, and healing. Our goal is to help get you back to doing what you love.

Patella Stabilizers - Hinged and Non-Hinged


Range of Motion Braces

Range of motion devices utilize proven principals for stress, relaxation, and load-stretch to achieve permanent restoration of joint ROM with just three 30-minute sessions per day. The patient controlled range of motion protocol assures precise and virtually pain-free end-range stretch; eliminates muscle guarding and risk of tissue injury and insures excellent compliance critical to successful rehab results.


Spinal Bracing

LSO – Hely Weber Twin Vs offer one of the most comfortable, light weight, and supportive lumbar braces available. Rather then having a very rigid uncomfortable posterior panel, these posterior panels will curve and mold into the lordotic curve of the lumbar spine area ensuring maximum support and comfort. 

TLSO –  DE Medical offers multiple TLSO braces in order to meet the demands of various conditions and patient types. These braces are most commonly used for treatment of compression fractures.

Adult Scoliosis Brace – ASPEN’s Peak Scoliosis Bracing System is an unloader brace designed to relieve pain, thus enhancing quality of life for adult scoliosis patients.